Site search can seem like a black box: queries go in and results come out but they don’t always match user expectations. Users can feel discouraged when there are too many results and no way to zoom in on what they want. Terminology and mental models don’t always match up with what is in the content. Why can’t my search work like Google? 

To provide meaningful results, search must be customized to your content, users, and organizational goals. Taxonomy is a powerful tool for enhancing the search experience through tailored search result pages (SERPs), search expansion through synonyms and relationships, and faceted filtering.  

Elevate the right content

Whether you have a relatively straightforward text search, digital assets, products, or a complex enterprise search environment, we can work with you to understand the current state and identify opportunities for search relevancy enhancement. 

Search benchmarking and search log analysis can give you insight into how and what your users are looking for. It can also pinpoint issues such as taxonomy’s fit-for-purpose, tagging quality and consistency, and search engine configuration. This analysis provides a roadmap for search relevancy improvements which can include taxonomy enhancements, changes to tagging governance, and information architecture.

We work with your developers to make adjustments to ranking algorithms and other configurations.

Activities include

  • Search benchmarking
  • Search log analysis
  • Review of relevancy ranking algorithms and other configurations
  • Taxonomy evaluation and enhancement [link to taxonomy development]
  • Tagging evaluation