Who is Kits Family Practice?

Kits Family Practice provides long-term, relationship-based care in a safe and inclusive environment; nurturing informed and collaborative decision-making for improved outcomes.

Key Brand Words







Why statement:

Kits Family Practice believes establishing long-term relationships with their patients leads to better health outcomes.

Site Accessibility:

The following best practice guidelines for accessibility will be implemented:

  • high contrast text
  • avoiding use of text over images
  • simple, clear language
  • focused directives (clear messages of where to go on the site)
  • text contained in short lines (easier to read than text which fills the screen)

Complete family care

  • Women are the primary audience – making over 80% of family health care decisions.
  • Men, trans-gender clients would be your secondary audience.
  • Elderly clients are the ‘uncaptured’ audience.


  • easy to self-serve – prominent booking, patient portal
  • real images or video – avoidance of obvious stock imagery
  • simple interface
  • text which gets to the point quickly
  • empowered language
  • images used to break up the text or reduce the amount of text required (infographics)
  • consistent values
  • inclusivity


Young to middle age men tend to be less engaged with health care and will often require encouragement by a partner/friend/family member to act. The following will improve user experience for this age group:

  • easy to self-serve – prominent booking, patient portal
  • simple interface
  • text which gets to the point quickly

Gender inclusive care:

To serve this audience better we should be aware of gender-inclusive language guidelines (eg – pregnant person instead of pregnant woman), visuals which are inclusive /not stereotyping

Clients 50+:

These clients seem to use the website frequently and at least partially read site information. Our goals is to maximize this to potentially reduce patient visit times.