Photography Guidelines


General Guidance


Consistency is key to having the site look professional. Please use the same lighting and backgrounds in all photos to insure a strong suite of shots.


Portraits should be crisp and clear with a short depth of field so that backgrounds are out of focus and less noticeable. Please keep the background light in tone and avoid patterns.


When shooting portraits please get a couple of variants to insure a consistent photo set where everyone looks good.

Body Language


Body position should be relaxed and welcoming. eg – Arms should be relaxed and natural, crossed arms are okay when relaxed but when tightly crossed they can seem unfriendly.

relaxed arms
tightly crossed arms


Don’t lean into or out from the camera too far. Leaning in can feel intense, leaning out is too casual. Try to keep upright but natural posture.

upright posture
leaning in

No Stethoscope

It just looks stock to have a stethoscope in the doctor’s photo. Also, just too formal to appear approachable and natural.

No Super Close-ups

Leave space around the person, overly tight images are intense, uncomfortable to view in series and difficult to work with.

no clichés
upright posture