Neighbourhood defines the brand:

Inspiration: Kitsilano

Most of us have moved here for the same reason – quiet neighbourhoods, rocky beaches and a family feel. There are fewer places to go but everything feels a little smaller and a little calmer.




Inspiration: Modern Femininity

As the business is run by women and the focus is growth in long-term care (young families) it seems natural to bring a modern feminine feel to the site design. Women make over 80% of the health care decisions for their families and are more likely to visit medical websites so they must be considered the primary target audience. We want a place which speaks to female decision-makers while not excluding male visitors.

Below are good examples of websites which are embracing femininity without being cliché.

Female/family focused practices


  • Positive, inclusive language
  • Bold but friendly logo
  • Bold text
  • Strong, feminine
  • Images are of calm spaces, or relaxed group shots. They are welcoming, make the user feel part of a community

Parents is general article website which many parents join early on in their parenting journey. Much of their language is focus on female empowerment and decision making.

  • Strong but feminine
  • Bold, simple logo
  • Soft pastel palette with strong text
  • Inclusive or empowered stories highlighted on the homepage